Mario Lanza Dog Run

Mario Lanza Dog Run is located within the beautiful Mario Lanza Park. Situated mid-block between Catherine and Queen Streets between 2nd and 3rd Streets. Click here for a map.

Mario Lanza Dog Park is a public space and users are not required to be members; however, we strongly encourage all users to become members as the park and its volunteer board relies almost solely on member donations for maintenance and improvements. With your support we can keep the park looking beautiful. If you enjoy bringing your dog to the dog run, please take a moment to send in a donation to keep the dog run looking its best!

The dog park receives no funding from the City? All park repairs including replacing the lights, the gates, repairing the fountain, rolling the surface, and other improvements are 100% funded by membership and donations?  If you frequently use the park, please consider joining or making a donation.

We are in the process of getting quotes for several upcoming improvement projects and could use a hand and a paw to make the park a better place for all. 

Friends of Mario Lanza Park

The Friends of Mario Lanza Park are Queen Village residents who are dedicated to maintaining and beautifying Mario Lanza Park. The Friends’ group was formed in 1987, at a time when the park was in a semi-abandoned state, with high weeds, uncut grass, and no planted areas. Since that time the group has received several grants and has also held fundraisers that have provided the funds to transform the park into an oasis of green and beauty in Queen Village. The Friends hold regular cleanups throughout the year. In 1990, the Friends initiated KidFest, a series of events on Tuesday evenings in June that are now a tradition: Bike parade evening, Firetruck Night, Mummer’s Night, Halloween Night. The Friends also sponsor concerts in the park in September, funded by a grant from the Philadelphia Recreation Advisory Council.

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5 thoughts on “Mario Lanza Dog Run”

  1. I’m confused about the rules surrounding intact male dogs. This website says intact male dogs over 6 months old are not permitted in the park. In a comment posted to a discussion on this site a commenter (Jane Merrylees) says the age limit is now 1 year. Could someone please give a definitive statement on the rule?

    I am concerned because my dog has been the subject of overly-insistent, verging on aggressive dominant behavior from “Brownie” – an intact brown/brindle mixed breed dog. I’ve seen the same dog getting a bit too aggressive on other occasions with other dogs. He doesn’t seem bad but he does seem pre-disposed to aggressive dominant behavior (as most mature intact male dogs are). Is it time for Brownie to find a place to run, if not a vet appointment?

  2. Hi Jane,

    Thanks for your note. Just to clarify, the rules have not been changed. The signs in the park have been up for a few years as they appear today. The QVK9 board is a volunteer group that helps organize the clean ups and fundraisers. Our current board members have only been with QVK9 for one year, so we are not sure how old the signs are or when the rules were made. All former members of the board have since moved out of the neighborhood.

    The dog park is not funded or maintained by city, we are just a few dog-loving neighbors who try to recruit volunteers to help tidy up the park and get together for social events like yappy hours. All funding for projects like ordering these signs, trash bags, repairing the fences, and replacing the light bulbs is from donations either collected for our fundraisers or from membership.

    Please call the police at once if you witness any unsafe behavior at the park including aggressive dogs or humans.

    We will be having an open meeting early this spring to seek input from the dog community, discuss our fundraising efforts and the projects we are raising funds for, and look for additional volunteers. We will share additional information by email when we have a date and location confirmed. Please let us know if you have any questions.

    Thank you,
    Your Neighbors from QVK9

  3. The rules have changed with regard to intact male dogs allowed in the dog park. From 8 months to a year. Not a good idea at all. As dogs mature and my vet assured me that dog can become aggressive if left intact way before a year old. There have already been problems with a young male in the park. Dogs as they mature can want to compete and be an alpha and they test this by some provacative or aggressive behaviors. It’s just the way it is. I have no idea why or who decided to change the age limit but I fear that it could be troublesome. I have been a dog walker for years and I do know what I am talking about

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